Education in the United States During 1950’s

During this period schools were an integral part of the community, they were often the centre of people’s lives, outside the home.

The best thing about going to school was socializing with other people, because those who lived on ranches did not see anyone but their own family.

Schooling was voluntary. Depending on the weather and the work that had to be done at home on the ranch. Determined whether they went to school or not.

Education in Spain During the 1950’s

Education in the 50s in Spain was for rich families who could afford to attend school, and therefore, pay for higher education.

Those families who worked in the fields / agriculture needed their children to help them work the land and many of them could not attend school, which meant that they did not go on to attend higher education.

Generally, men were the ones who didn’t attend to school the most because they had to carry out the work on the land. On the other hand women who did not attend school were helping with domestic chores in the home.