She ran all around the supermarket.

Although you don’t believe it, it’s true.

The ball went bouncing towards the road.

There is a button missing on my jacket.

I’m very busy today. Call me before 10 o’clock.

All the lions are in their cages.

Winter clothes are on sale.

Come here, please.

The film character is Batman.

My cheek and nose hurt.

I like cakes with chocolate chips.

My dress is yelow.

His dog bit me.

It’s dark by  half past seven in winter.

Deep inside you love her.

It’s the worst earthquake I have ever seen.

The film is called The Endless Story.

Heritage earnings are very popular. Fountain  Ame is known in frendly faries stories

She is wearing a green gown and a has a grin on her face.

2 metres high.

She broke her hip.

He approaches me hesitantly.

She joined the group.

Job applicants must go to the office.

The jumble sale is on August the 15th.

Keep the kite.

Through that lane please.

Don’t be late!

Lazy children are unwelcome.

There is a match in the box.

A male horse is a stallion.

A female horse is a mare.

A map is very useful.

Don’t be nasty.

It’s a Nationwide bank.

She was naked in the shower.

Body odor is unbearable.

He is the odd one.

Porridge is made of oats.

Pineaple is my favorite fruit.

A pigeon is a bird.

Plain colours are my  favourites.

Quail and pheasants are game birds.

There are ships moored at the quay.

Coral reefs are usually seen in the Caribbean sea.

Adam is tall.

Some are released.

It will be Chritsmas soon.

A sail ship arrived in Ferrol

Gardens are full of squirrels.

Peter Pan is a fary tale.

Take a tablet for your headache.

There will be a storm with thunder and lightning.

Don’t do it until  I say so.

Unemployment is usual nowadays.

Don’t do it!

It’s warm and wet.

My wages were good.

A leg x-ray was taken.

Extra large trousers are out of stock for xmas.

I heard him shouting next door.

The new year begins in January.

He’s young, she’s old.

The zip was broken.

The result is zero.

The zebra was ill.