It´s a museum and it´s one of the most popular turist attractions outside London in the city of York where Jorvick Viking Center is.

In 793  AD, the vikings travelled across the North Sea from Scandinavia and came to Britain. On of the towns on the north of England was Jorvik. When the ancient city of Coppergate was investigated  to know more about the past. The arqueologists found objects underground and they learned how the people of Jorvik lived, ate, and what they did in their free time.

The Jorvik Viking Center opened in 1984. Visitors are transported back in time on audio-visual scenes .They can find out what Vikings looked like,see their houses,shops and hear them speak in Old Norse. You can also look at more than 800 exhibits of Viking Objects.

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Where is The Jorvik Center ?

When did the Vikings first came to U.K.?

What can visitors find out in the Jorvik Viking Center ?