When I was reading the newspaper  I found a hotel travel brouchure guide.

After looking for somewhere to go on holiday. I made up my mind to go to Worthing .

where  I chose a bed and breakfast far away from the noisy city.

A large historical town with many activities ,like making honey preserves and many other thins.

After leaving home with my car to go to the airport. I got cought up in a traffic jam a lorry had broken down,

We did not get going until the recovery vehicle had arrived.

When I arrived at the airport there was another problem the police would not let me park my car.

I had to look ford an alternative place . I was very angry and asked for an apology from the police .

Three days later after getting to the hotel I had a sandwich to eat. Because I ordered an all inclusive holiday,

but when I got to my room it was awful. It didn´t have a view.I asked for a refund, The receptionist did not object.