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Vamos a practicar el verbo Have got /Has got para tercera persona del singular .

Mine or Yours

Mine significa mio.

Yours significa tuyo.

His significa de él.

Hers significa de ella.

Ours significa nuestro.

Theirs significa de ellos.

Coloca el pronombre correctamente en cada caso.

This is my book . It´s…..

That is her book. It´s…

This is his book. It´s…

These are our books. They´re…

These are your books. They´re…

These are their books. They´re…

What time is it?

8:15 It´s quarter past eight.

8:40 It´s twenty to  nine.

9:20 It´s twenty past nine.

8:30 It´s half past eight.

12:00 It´s twelve o´clock

12:45 It´s quarter to one.


What are these things made of?

Winter gloves are made of wool.

T-Shirts are made of cotton.

Shoes are made of leather.

Spoons are made of metal.

Wellington boots are made of rubber.

International Travellers

Algunas palabras útiles para viajeros internacionales.

airport – aereopuerto

credit card – tarjeta  de crédito

briefcase – maletín

luggage – equipaje

destination- destino

flight number – número de vuelo

passport – pasaporte

air tickets – billetes de avión

money – dinero


Esta es una canción de John Lennon  a favor de la paz.

Es un karaoke para aprender a pronunciar en inglés.


Talking about the past.

Peter was born in Manchester and lived in Chichester s a child. His best friend was Robert. He liked  playing football. He said that was his favourite thing! He stayed at school until he was 21 and then he started work in Madrid.

Victorian Times

The rich and the poor.

There were many differences between the lives of poor people.

Rich people live in a very big house in the country. There were a lot of rooms in the house.They  had servants to look after the children,care for the horses and tend the gardens. Children go to boarding schools and only came  back for the holidays. Children are not allowed to play with other children in the village.

Poor people live in  small cottages.Parents  work on farms looking after animals and work on the fields. Mothers bake bread for the family.

There aren´t toys except  for things they make themselves. They have to walk to go anywhere,they have no horses to ride.


In 1858 British goverment took control of India. Many english families went lo live and work there.Because of the weather there was a lot of illness and many children were never really well.Children were often back to India to live with relatives or to boarding schools. Indians were servants and some English people were sometimes rude to them. India became independent from Britain in 1947. Their great leader Mahatma Ghandi  (1869-1948 )  led the Congress Party in a peaceful struggle to allow Indians to govern their own country. The country was divided into two parts: India and Pakistan after independence. Many people from Europe enjoy indian cooking and go to visit  The Taj Mahal  a wanderful mausoleum built by an Indian emperor to his wife.

How Many

How many es un pronombre interrogativo que se usa para

preguntar por una cantidad contable :  Cuántos ?

How many biscuits are there? Cuántas galletas hay?

Las posibles respuestas a la pregunta son varias dependiendo de lo que queramos expresar. Hay muchas,unas pocas, algunas,un montón o ninguna,bastantes.

There are a lot. Un montón.

There are a few biscuits. Hay unas pocas galletas.

There are some biscuits. Hay algunos.

There are  just a litte biscuits. Hay solo unas pocas

There are quite a lot. Hay bastantes.

There aren´t any. No hay ningunas galletas.